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Cape Town is our home so trust the locals’ to find you the best deals in town. You are a welcomed guest and we want to help make your stay as easy and memorable as possible. Alocal will point you in the right direction, we will help you with skydiving, shark cage diving, paragliding and everything you need to fuel your adrenaline.

Cape Town was the first city outside Europe to get Blue Flag status which is an international award. The Blue Flag was awarded due to its high water quality, fantastic facilities, safety and cleanliness. Cape Town was appointed the best place in the world to visit by the New York Times in 2014. Cape Town’s climate is on par with California and the Mediterranean. The winter season starts in May and ends in September and is generally a wet and windy season. Summer starts from November to March.


From river bed hikes to mountain passes, Cape Town has it all. There are thousands of hikes around Cape Town, so the hike that best suits your unique interests will be chosen. Ensuring you have the most breathtaking experience. Whether you are looking for a relaxed walk or an extreme adventure, Cape Town and Alocal have partnered up to blow your socks off.


Surfing is one of the best outdoor activities in Cape Town, but with a local it’s world class.

Surf Cape Town’s beautiful beaches with Alocal! Spend your day at any of Cape Town’s world-class beaches, imagine white sand between your toes and crystal blue water as far as your eyes can see. Cool off with a surf and enjoy the luxury of little to no crowds. Alocal is your guide to finding your feet if you want to learn how to surf, or showing you where world-class waves lie. Let our local guides share valuable information on their home, Cape Town.

Surf lessons for beginners will be held in Muizenberg, this is a perfect beach break to get you standing. All the necessary techniques will be mastered here. It’s a safe and long beach, which provides ample space to find a nice spot to find your feet.